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Is women’s Horlicks good for bones?

After the age of 30, the bone density of women start to deteriorate, and due to tha lack of calcium, vitamin D that is needed for the absorption of calcium, the bones become very week resulting in back and joints pain in the women. To ensure that the bone health and risk of osteoporosis is lowered down in women, women Horlicks is good for bone health. It helps in lowering the risks of osteoporosis and pre-mature tiredness in the body. To meet the needs of active women and for all the everyday activities, it provides calcium, iron and amino acids which make the body healthy from inside as well as from outside. If you have receding gums, bone aches, consistent cramps then you might be suffering from the deficiency of calcium and losing your bone density that is a common problem in the women after the age of 30.

Horlicks provide vitamin K2, which helps in binding the bones and joints together for a stronger hold on your body. Being a vegetarian product, it can be accessed by every woman very easily. With calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K2 which are the most important nutrients for bone health and density this drink provides all the women who are above the age of 30 the right amount of nutrients to their bodies. Other food dishes which provide you good healthy bones include dairy food like milk, cheese, green vegetables like cabbage, spinach, okra, broccoli, soy products like beans, nuts, tofu, fish like salmon and sardines also provide the required nutrients to the body for proper absorption of calcium and vitamins. Along with health drinks, sunlight is the best source to fill your deficiencies in the body. Thus, stock yourself up with all the necessary nutrients and protect yourself from risks of osteoporosis and decreased bone density.