Is Melanotan II Safe? A Beginner’s Guide

We all want to have a beautiful complexion and healthy-looking skin. Unfortunately, we do not all enjoy the sun or want the harmful exposure that comes with endless hours of basking in it. If you relate, Melanotan ii may be for you.

Melanotan II

Melanotan ii is a chemical made in a lab that is like a hormone found in humans. It was first given to men with erectile dysfunction but was found to have a side effect of tanning the skin. In many people, this was a good side effect.

It works by increasing the production of darkening skin pigmentation. The dosage used to achieve a darker tan is .025 mg/kg. You should see a tan within three days.

For sunless tanning, the first injection should be small and you may increase the dose gradually to see how your body reacts to it. If needed some people will go up to 1 mg per day. Melanotan results may vary from person to person.

People buy it over the internet for sunless tanning uses and most have no issues with it. It is a fast way to get a tan in a few days. This is quicker than lying in a tanning bed because that takes weeks in most cases, to get the tan you want.

Is It Safe?

The reason people use Melanotan for tanning injections is that they want an alternative to harmful sun exposure. They look at it as a type of sunscreen. It appears that if used in small doses it is a safe and effective way to achieve a tan.

It is important not to get impatient and to remember Melanotan safety. This is still new and they are doing more clinical studies on it.

Many people think it is safer than exposing their skin to hours of harmful sun rays. We all want a little natural vitamin D, but too much of anything is too much. Everyone knows how dangerous skin cancer may be and no one wants to risk that.

You can view more about the safety of Melanotan ii. You have to form your opinions but when taken in small amounts the people who use it have found it to be safe. There will always be a risk when it comes to tanning injections, but many feel it is the safer option and they have no side effects from it.

The Bottom Line

Many people enjoy the sunless tanning effects of using Melanotan ii. They have no problems or side effects from it. To keep it safe, you will want to use only the dose instructed.

Melanotan ii is a fast way to get a tan. It removes the need for countless hours in the sun trying to get a little darker and risking skin cancer to do it.

Some think of it as a sunscreen that protects against harmful sun exposure. The results show up within a few days which is faster than tanning beds and lying out in the sun.

If you want a tan but don’t want the time it takes to lie in a tanning bed or the dangers of that or long periods of sun exposure, Melanotan ii may be right for you. Follow us for more tips!