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Dealing with Problems in Evaporative Coolers

When you have a portable air cooler for your business or home, you can use it from the beginning of summer to the end of the warm weather. Evaporative coolers are mechanical devices, so you need to deal with them if they have to keep going and work as they should, and there is a difference between them and air conditioners.

One of the reasons evaporative coolers fail is persistently humid weather. This condition makes swamp coolers ineffective, which is why evaporative coolers fail. Water saturation or a buildup of scale and debris on swamp cooler pads are the most common causes for them to fail. In addition, the internal belt may break or come loose, and in that case, a replacement will be necessary.

Taking care of evaporative coolers is easy.

Evaporative coolers and air conditioners require different kinds of maintenance. If you follow these steps, your portable air cooler will last longer. The more you use an evaporative fan, the more things can go wrong with its parts and capacity. There are measures that owners can take to prevent costly repairs and to lengthen the life of their vehicles, including performing routine maintenance and learning how to troubleshoot. The following demonstrates some of the most common scenarios you may encounter.

A cooler that does not turn on: Check the circuit breaker inside the unit if your cooler won’t turn on. A blown breaker is usually the root cause of the problem. It might also be a tripped breaker. You may have damaged the wiring if after replacing it still doesn’t work.

Occasionally, portable air coolers can trickle water in the offseason indicating insufficient capacity. If you want to winterize your cooler, make sure the pump is removed, the unit is channeled, the tank is cleaned, and the unit is properly covered.

Works, but not enough air is supplied: A cooler that does not convey enough air might be due to the inadequate exhaust being provided to it. For spaces with units without exhaust pipes, make sure there are entryways and windows.

In addition, the airflow cannot be well cooled: clogged water pumps prevent the cooler from pulling cold air, and a dry or open pump will not allow cold air to move. Soak the pump for a few minutes and see if this improves the airflow.

Strange odors: Although evaporative coolers tend to smell, you should address this right away because mold development on the pump or stale water is likely to be behind the issue. Replace the stale water with new water, clean the pump regularly, and check the pump and water regularly.

To maintain a smooth operation, maintenance and repairs must be performed by professionals.