70’s Style Guide &Vintage Sunglasses: It’s About Eyewear Trends 

The era of the ’70s is more famous for ‘go big or go home because back in the seventies, the fashion of wearing sunglasses with big frames was at its peak. Once again, the hype of big frames is catching the attention of fashion junkies. 

When we say 70’s fashion guide, don’t forget to add vintage brown hues, bold shapes, and reliable material in your mind-depicted image. styling guide of the 70’s era is all about unique eye wear trends and specific hues of shades. 

Let’s take a sneak-peak on how celebrities or fashion lovers used to pair their eyewear in the 70’s era. 

Butterfly frames of Boho style

Turning your Boho mode on is all about getting your hands on the butterfly style frames. Replace your ordinary day-to-day look with unique Boho style butterfly-shaped glasses and go all vintage with fashion details. 

Back in time, butterfly shades used to be the symbol of glam and luxury for the trendsetters of the seventies era. The reason these huge big vintage frames are entitled butterfly glasses is that their wings and outer shape of the frame is inspirationally made as to the structure of the butterfly- curvy and beautiful. You can pair it with a jumpsuit or baggy pants, combined with printed shirts. 

Frame with Drop Sides 

Standing out from the crowd back in the seventies was all about wearing frames with drop sides. Though these are not the sides only that makes it the exceptional choice of the 70’s era, but the overall frame itself is inimitable to enhance the uniqueness of outfits.

You can match drop-side shades with any of your formal attire. Whether you are dressing up for your office meeting or willing to go extra for your kitty party, carrying frames with drop sides can surely pull out the graceful side of your persona. 

Aviator shades for cool vibes 

Aviator sunglasses are in fashion throughout the decade and the shades are specifically symbolized as military-style in the fashion industry. Not only this, these cool-to-carry shades are the best pick up a choice of pilots as well. 

It is styled with a thin metal frame, while the shape of the frame is like the shell of a tortoise and it’s available in two shades mostly; dull gold and black. Although in modern time the shade of lenses is available in different colours like deep blue, forest green, or earthy brown colour. So this is more like good news for the ones who like trying different variations of fashion. Don’t forget to check out the collection of Porsche Carrera Sunglasses for more likewise variations. 

Diverged Clip-On Lenses 

Nothing goes perfect with the 70’s eyewear trend than the shades with warm tones. If you want to pair your fashion statement with vintage tones and on the same side, aim to pull out your bossy persona then frames with diverged clip-on lenses can be your best option. 

Its bold colours like burgundy, maroon, or copper hues can turn out to be the perfect choice for all bossy people. Pair these shades with your formal attire, wear shiny formal boots, and go all classy with your looks. 

We are sure that after giving this writing piece a thoughtful read, you all must have been feeling inspired enough to try 70’s looks. If yes, then bookmark this blog post and keep trying a new look, whenever you wish to go a little extra.