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5 Tips to Beautify a Living Room

Decorating a space that you are about to call your home or redecorating a space that has looked the same all of your life can be an exhilarating experience. And though the joy and feel of designing each room are different, we have found that beautifying the living area is a particularly exciting experience. 

The living room is the space that you see as soon as you enter your house after a long day at work and breathe a sigh of relief. It is the room that guests see the moment they enter your house and make first impressions about you. It is these things that make having only the best living room design so important.

Keep scrolling for 5 very effective ways which will help you brighten up your space and elevate your lounging experience up a few notches:

  • Incorporate Art

Be it canvas paintings, a print of a picture that you loved or a souvenir from a place you visited, art in any form makes everything better. The best way to incorporate fragments of your personality, experiences, and quirks in your decor is by adding pieces to your walls or floor, or tables that represent you. 

  • Keep it Subtle

Have you ever walked into a furniture-cluttered, over-painted living room of a relative and felt a sense of calm wash over you? Yes, us neither. The key to nailing a living room design is by keeping it subtle yet tasteful and elegant. Try to strike a balance between different elements. If you have solid-painted walls, go for a gallery wall full of frames and plates, and other wall decorations. However, if you already have a lovely wallpaper on, going easy on the wall accessories is the way to go. 

  • Add prints and patterns

It is 2023 and the time for fun pattern cocktails on walls and a classy mixture of textures is nigh! If you ever feel like your living room design is getting a touch boring, make sure to include varying scales of prints in components like rugs, wall hanging, and upholstery. Do not shy away from using a striped rug along with fun floral photo frames in your space!

  • Comfortable seating

Living room spaces are usually where conversations flow, where families bond with each other, where they spend time with each other, host gatherings for friends and colleagues, and so on. This makes a comfortable and cozy sofa or a couch one of the key elements of a living room design. Make sure to go for a comfortable rug, ample amount of throw pillows or cushions as well as soft seating fit for long relaxed chats and happy memories.

  • Warm Lighting

Lighting is one of the most (if not the most) important features of any living room design which often gets overlooked. A living room, instead or in addition to having just one main light source in the center of the room should have a lot of different smaller lights scattered in different parts of the space. Add a soft, warm-colored lamp on the side table, and illuminate the art on the wall by adding fairy lights or another soft lighting- these elements will help you instantly relax and unwind.