15 Amazing App Concepts for Startups to Debut in 2022

Coming up with million-dollar app concepts is not simple. The idea of the app is the foremost crucial component of building a successful app simply after selecting the mobile app development firm with the top mobile app developers for hire on the team.

Can’t think of unique ideas for your app? Here are some creative app ideas for 2022 that you may borrow.

  1. Augmented reality software that lets you customize your space

One of the worries when choosing furniture or other interior design item is if the product will fit your space and where would it look the best. An AR software lets you decorate your environment by letting you utilize your camera and position 3D models of different things and furniture in the virtual area on your phone and see how it would appear. The software may also link with numerous shopping sites and assist users to order it straight from the app.

  1. Scan and convert to pdf app

Rather than going to a store to obtain your papers to scan and then converting them into pdf. A scan and save it to pdf software may help you save critical data such as receipts, papers, report cards, notes, whiteboards, etc., on your smartphone safely. This tool lets you easily scan your papers in excellent quality and save or transfer them as multipage PDF or JPEG files.

  1. Health check-up and meal planner app

This app examines your health day by day and advises you on the correct foods that you should take to stay healthy. It links you to the countless healthy recipes that are supplied by experienced chef-bloggers. You may configure your material to be delivered as per your health status, e.g. if you are a heart patient, you’ll be offered recipes comprised of heart-healthy products. The app may collaborate with grocers to offer healthy things online straight from the app.

  1. Railway monitoring app

Citizens in urban cities are largely reliant on trains to get to their destination. It may be highly disruptive if the trains are late and you have no way of knowing whether you should wait or explore an alternate means of arriving at your destination. A railway monitoring software can provide you with the precise time of where the train is, so if you have an urgency and the train is delayed you can catch a bus or a cab.

  1. Language learning platform

The language learning app that assists users with some basic lessons on various languages was one of the most outstanding app ideas for 2022. The app may have several degrees of difficulty with the first level being alphabets and simple letters to the advanced stage being full-fledged discussions. The software may enable voice so the learners know how words are spoken.

  1. Voice interpretation app

One of the biggest problems of going overseas is not understanding the language of the place and the challenge of attempting to interact with the people. Software that can interpret your voice will be a breakthrough way to communicate for tourists. The words may be spoken to the phone which will be translated to their selected language. The program must also operate both ways where other languages may be translated to your language in real-time.

  1. Bike maintenance app

A door-step bike servicing platform and application which will employ technology for the convenience of two-wheeler owners by enabling them a transparent link with high-quality vehicle care providers. The platform may offer aided door-step pick-up and drop, an in-built inventory management system that allows a decrease of waiting time, better stock allocation, an order management system, etc.

  1. Call monitoring app

There are many victims nowadays suffering from harassment, prank calls, and phishing. They may download this software and if there is a spam call annoying the user, they can utilize the app to record the call so that it can be provided as proof later.

  1. Scan to shop applications

This sort of software will enable you to scan the things that you find appealing and discover them or their closest alternative on internet sites so that you can purchase them promptly.

  1. Mall navigation map

A digital mall navigation map maintains the digital map of all the shopping malls in the region and may be used to navigate the mall as well as instructions heading up to it. It is especially handy for bigger malls where with the aid of the app the user may discover the precise shop or even status of the restaurant, parking space, or crowdedness of the mall.

  1. Criminal alarm app

Seeing a missing person or a suspected felons’ face once on the news is tough to recall. Plus, there is also the potential of meeting a stranger who turns out to be a criminal that you don’t know about. An application concept is such that the app would inform you of crooks in your area- so that you may save a life as well as aid in arresting a lawbreaker.

  1. Fitness App

A healthy lifestyle online application targeting health aware individuals to monitor their behaviors aided by qualified nutritionists, pathologists, and health coaches to eventually minimize the risk of lifestyle problems

The program will be supplied with numerous charts that assist the user control their general health- including weight, sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. User is also given personalized food charts, lifestyle programs, nutrition plans as per their condition. It will also be combined with a chat feature that enables users to speak with the community as well as health experts.

  1. Tip Calculator app

The tip calculator software contains features that enable speedy bill input for individuals eating out with friends or family who have to divide the cost. You may determine the correct proportion of tipping amount from your entire bill on the spot and obtain excellent treatment each time you require service from the institution.

  1. Contact tracing app

A real-time contact tracing app that enables the users to monitor COVID afflicted regions and worldwide data, these applications are intended to assist the government to trace the contact chain of a user diagnosed with Coronavirus detecting source and likely spread of infection.

Governments around are employing these applications in the battle against COVID-19. Take a peek at the best contact tracing applications.

  1. Real-time automobile sharing app

A real-time automobile sharing software enables the user to enroll their car and enter the destination as to where they are heading. Another user on the app who is traveling the same way may enter their destination and discover the individuals with vehicles who are heading in the same direction. In the end, they may divide expenses.