Why Is Adidas Still A Leading Name In The Shoe Industry?

Established over 70 years ago, Adidas is one of the oldest clothing brands that manufactures a vast collection of casual and sports shoes. The company’s global net sales were valued at around 5.14 billion Euros in the fourth quarter of 2021. Like all the other products it manufactures, its shoes have also featured high-quality, innovative designs throughout these years. For example, if you look at their Yeezy 700 MNVN Orange, you can see the orange-and-black color contrast, which perfectly depicts how men’s fashion shoes have evolved with time. Look at the reasons Adidas is still leading the competition.

Sports Shoes Manufactured Following Discussions with Athletes

One of the best things about Adidas is discussing with top athletes before manufacturing their sports shoes. They do it to manufacture the shoes by incorporating the athletes’ performance requirements and preferences. For this reason, you will find many world-famous sports personalities endorse the brand’s shoes. 

They Always Focus on Innovation

Adidas has always believed that innovation is a key to customer satisfaction. That is why they always spend ample time developing new technologies for making footwear. Recently, the company has developed the Boost technology to make Y3 shoes. It has revolutionized the footwear market. 

In the soles of these shoes, thermoplastic polyurethane material is used, which proves beneficial for shock absorption. This technology also ensures high energy returns.

Stability and Comfort

Whether you’re a sportsperson, you will always look for shoes that offer the best comfort and stability, and Adidas’ name is synonymous with these things. They have a wide variety of comfortable shoes with cushioning midsoles and Cloudfoam. 

Yeezy 700 MNVN Orange is one of those comfortable shoes. It is also lightweight so that you can get the best wearing experience.

Minimal Design Features

Adidas has introduced some rap shoes featuring minimal design elements. Famous rappers wear these shoes and have helped create a positive brand image.


The brand’s name has gained a permanent place in sports history because of its involvement in some significant moments. 

During the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, gold medalist American sprinter Jesse Owens wore Adidas shoes during his events. 

However, the brand’s name had become more prominent because of its instrumental role in the ‘Miracle of Bern.’ In the 1954 FIFA World Cup final, the national football team of war-torn West Germany had clinched victory despite trailing 0-2 against the mighty Hungarians, led by Ferenc Puskas. Adidas supplied shoes for the whole team, and it is arguably the best memory in the brand’s history. 

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