Where to buy the best invisible ink contact lens from

invisible ink contact lenses for sale

If you want to find the best infrared contact lenses, then you should visit out official website which is markedcardsmall.com where you will get all the different type of cheating equipment as well as you will get all the magic equipment there on our online marketplace as we are the producer which is based in the USA, but our products are made and shipped from China due to availability of factory and also the latest technology that is required to create the best products that are currently there in the market.

The infrared contact lens that is made by our company and is provided to our customer is available in different sizes as well as shapes to meet the eye specification of the customer, and also there are different colours available because you will want to hide the IR contact lens from the security at the casino or the club in which you are going to play a poker game, or you are hosting a magic show in which you have to perform to show people that you are a good magician and people should watch your shows.

How to detect the lenses

Without the proper colouring of the contact lenses, it is almost impossible to see the marked card as the deck of the card will look like normal playing card if the colouring inside the lens is not proper or has been tampered with so that the product gets a negative rating which would directly lead to the reduction in the company’s sales and also will lead to decrease in company’s reputation in the market place.

If you use such a technology-rich contact lens and you enter a game of poker of nay type that includes playing with cards, then this will offer you an advantage as you can see all the markings and the numbers on the card through the card while using the IR contact lenses provided by us on your order and will also be able to see the different card and you can also decide the next step that you want to take either it is that you want to raise the stakes to attack other player or you can pack your cards if you don’t have a good hand of cards.

This infrared contact lens technology was newly invented in the year 2015 when technology was at the verge of rising, and there were many machines as well as products that were made and sold in the marketplace and that too at different prices available throughout the market, and also due to rise in technology, there were many new phones, machines that were available in the market which you could use to make an IR contact lens and cheat in a game of poker.

You can also use these contact lens to do a magic show and can also use these IR contact lens to see if anyone has tampered and changed the cards and stop anyone who is cheating and catch them red-handed.

I hope you get some valuable information from this article.