Things To Know When It Comes To Changing The Apple Watch Band

Apple bands have become quite popular in the world of Apple product users because of the versatility that they bring to users. When choosing an Apple band, you need to make sure that you choose one that is compatible with the device that you own. Some of the bands are designed to be compatible with the Apple Watch of some generations, and some are compatible with all the Apple generations. 

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Changing the Apple Wristband 

Here are some of the steps for you to follow while planning to change your Apple Band. 

  • Spread a padded mat, micro-fibre cloth, or a lint-free cloth over a surface, and place your Apple Watch with its screen facing the surface. 
  • Most of the Apple Bands are designed with the Link Bracelet design. If you own such Bands, then all you have to do is press a button to unlink the band from your wrist. 
  • Now gently slide the Band across by holding the band release button till the Band leaves your wrist. 
  • You need to press hold the Band release button till it leaves the wrist, and the watch should be kept on the surface facing down. 
  • Now, take the new Band and turn it in such a way that the text on it is facing you. Slide the Band towards the surface till you hear the Band release button clicking to its locking position. 

Choosing the right band for your wrist 

Here are some tips for you to choose the ideal Apple Band for your wrist. 

  • Measure your wrist 

The Apple Bands are designed to fit into all kinds of wrist sizes. Hence, they are available in different sizes, and choosing the one that fits perfectly to your wrist is possible with the help of a measuring tape. 

  • Apple wrist sizes

Just like the different sizes in the iPhone covers suitable for the respective iPhones, the Apple Bands are also available to fit the right kind of wrists. They are available in 41mm and 45mm sizes, and 40mm and 44mm sizes. The available sizes are measured in the terms such as 40, 41, 42, 38, and so on and you can choose the one that fits your wrist. 

  • Unclasped Loops 

You can find braided and solo loops in the Apple Wristwatches and they do not come with the clasped loops. These bands cannot be customized or even adjusted according to the required size, and hence you should measure your wrist size perfectly before purchasing the wristwatches with these loops. 

The iPhone case and covers, and also all the other accessories such as the bands, watches, etc., are available in only some destinations. Find one that offers authentic products and make your purchase today.