The Death Roster

The following Death Roster lists all known deaths that occurred under the jurisdiction of the Gordonsville Receiving Hospital. Forty-seven (47) have known living relatives, marked thus “<known relatives(s)>” on the list.


A – CD – FG – JK – MN – Q | R – TU – Z

This list of names was transcribed from a bound book kept by the ward scribe from May 1864 to March 1865. The penmanship is such that there are possibly several entries for each patient in this index. Check for the correct spelling and all possible variations of both first and last names, as well as the number of the page where the name was found. The document is on file with the Special Collections Department at the University of Virginia.

List of patients treated at the Exchange Hospital

Record of Common Diseases

A roster of Confederate physicians who served in Gordonsville, VA

We need your help in finding more about these casualties. Check your family history and especially your Family Bible. The location of specific graves is not known. Probably all of the Union casualties were moved to the National Cemetery in Culpeper. The Confederate dead, initially buried near the hospital, were transferred to the Maplewood cemetery. If you have any information, please contact us.


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