Private Investigations

Schedule your Private Paranormal Investigations at the Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum, Saturday nights from 7 pm to midnight. Private Paranormal Investigations allow experienced groups to free roam of the Museum property.

The maximum number of investigators in a group is 15. If you would like to schedule for a Friday night as well, please call us at 540.832.2944 or email us at [email protected] for availability.

We do not schedule anyone else for the same night. In other words, if your group reserves a night, then that night is for your group only. 

What is the cost for my team to investigate?

Private Investigations cost is $350.00, regardless of how many are in your group.  You have the option of paying a $175.00 deposit or the full amount when you schedule your investigation.

Payment can be made online or by phone up to two weeks before your planned investigation with a debit/credit card.  The remaining balance will be due on the night of your investigation. You will not be permitted to set up your equipment until you have paid in full.

What is the age limit to do a Private Investigation?

We recommend 16 and older. Anyone planning to attend that is under the age of 16 must have approval before the night of the investigation. A parent or guardian must always go with anyone under the age of 16.


How long will we have to investigate?

Private Investigations are from 7 pm until midnight. Your group MUST pack up and be out of the building by midnight.

Can I get a refund if we need to cancel our Investigation?

If you need to cancel, I require at least a two-week notice before your scheduled investigation. Deposits are non-refundable.

Can a Paranormal Group host a fundraising event at the Museum?

Yes.  The cost to host an event is $500.

If you have any questions, Please call us at 540.832.2944 or email us at [email protected]

Private Investigation Registration
Tell us about your team. Where are you from? What are your specialties? Do you have anyone in your group with special abilities? Anything else that you can tell us that sets your group apart from others?
If you have a group logo? Would you like to have it displayed on the event calendar for the night of your investigation? Upload an image 300x300, (500 kb or less) in size. (JPG Image Format Only).

Group Officers or Primary Contacts

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