Paranormal Investigations

Have you ever wondered what happens at the Exchange Hotel Museum after it closes for the night and everyone has gone home? Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum takes on an atmosphere all its own. There have been many reports from our guests of unexplained activity. Our guests have claimed to seen orbs and columns of light traveling from room to room. We have seen and heard doors opening and closing on their own. Guests have experienced other phenomena such as seeing full-bodied apparitions of doctors, and soldiers in the hotel and on the grounds. Guests have seen nurses dressed in black period clothing on the stairs and heard screaming and moans of sadness throughout the Museum.

Did you know that the Exchange Hotel Civil War Medical Museum is ranked 15th in the “TOP 100 Most Haunted Places in the United States”  and has featured on A&E’s History Channel and two episodes of  “My Ghost Story”, Bio Channel’s hit paranormal tv show. The Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum has also featured in many other publications.

Don’t believe us? Join us and see for yourself!

Public Investigations

Public investigations give the general public the change to experience a real paranormal investigation from beginning to end, like the ones you see on TV. 

Private Investigations

Private Investigations give experienced paranormal teams to free roam for 5-hours on Saturday nights.

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