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night tours

Night Tours

Have you ever wondered what happens after the museum closes? After everyone goes home and darkness falls?

Well, the museum takes on an atmosphere all on its own. Come join us in learning the history and activity experienced after dark. Find out if you are sensitive to your surroundings and if your skepticism can be maintained after a night visit.

Take a candlelight tour of the museum, reliving the history; enjoy hearing some of the stories of its dark past, including its proposed paranormal activity. People have reported seeing orbs of light traveling from room to room, heard footsteps on the stairs, heard and seen doors opening and closing on their own, heard the one-legged soldier making his way down the halls as his wooden peg taps the creaky wooden floors. They’ve smelled cigar smoke in one room and alcohol in another, scents of lilac perfume wafting through the halls as smells from the past seem to appear and resonate from time to time. They have heard the telegraph ticking when no equipment is present. Heard screaming and moans of sadness and on several occasions seen nurses dressed in black descending the stairs and walking the halls. Doctors and soldiers are seen in the hotel and on the grounds as well.

The Exchange Hotel didn’t get its “A&E”, “History Channel” ranking of 15th in the “TOP 100 Most Haunted Places in the Country” by luck of the draw. It’s earned its reputation in the world of paranormal activity. It isn't necessary for our guides to purposefully frighten you as our "permanent residents" often make their presence known. There have been numerous reports of apparitions as well as the many unexplained sounds described by past visitors. We have been featured on two episodes of "My Ghost Story" as well as in many other publications. Come see for yourself and experience where "History Comes Alive."

  • Small groups will be lead from exhibit to exhibit listening to its history and learning what connections it can still have with the reported lingering spirits.
  • Using scientific equipment you will monitor environmental conditions while also searching for paranormal activity.
  • Using digital recorders you will ask historical questions in hopes of true confirmations of events of the past. Thousands of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) have been recorded on the property. Many of significant importance, referencing its time as a newly freed slave hospital and teaching center, its time as a major Civil War receiving hospital and activities that abound during this and later times in history.
  • The data (audio, video, and photos) the tours gather will be reviewed and discussed/debunked (if possible). You'll get the chance to experience a real paranormal investigation from beginning to end just like you've seen on TV.

For questions or to make reservations, please contact Angel at 540.832.2944 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Public Tour

(4-hour public - reservation required)

Public Tours are offered to the general public on Friday nights unless previously reserved by a paranormal group.

Tours are from 8 pm to 12 pm.

Cost is $25 per person. Slots are limited so reserve your spot as soon as possible. Everyone MUST be pre-paid before your scheduled date of the tour.

Guests must be 16 years and older. Anyone attending under the age of 16 must be approved prior to the Night Tour. Please call Angel May at 540.832.2944 for approval.

Guests under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

A minimum of 8 people is needed to reserve for public tours. If I do not have enough people reserved, I will have to cancel or reschedule the investigation for a night when I have a large enough group.

You must prepay online or by phone with a debit/credit card.

Please make sure that a public tour has been scheduled on our events calendar before booking. Do NOT book a public tour if you do not see one scheduled. Please do not submit your payment if a private investigation has been booked.

Private Tours

(6-hour private - reservation required)

Saturday night tours are exclusively reserved for paranormal groups. If you need a Friday night date that CAN be arranged, please call for availability.

We do NOT double book. If your group reserves the night then it is exclusively for your group only. You will have access to the main building/museum, kitchen/slave quarters, and the depot.

Tours are from 8 pm - 2 am. Your group must be packed up by 2 am.

Private group cost is $350.00 regardless of how many are in your group. You must pay a $175.00 deposit online or by phone with a debit/credit card two weeks prior to your tour/investigation. The remainder will be due on the night of your investigation prior to setting up. If you need to cancel, I need at least a two-week notice before your scheduled investigation. Deposits are non-refundable.

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Day Tours (Self-Guided)  
General $10.00
Children (8 - 12) $3.00
Children (7yrs. & under) Free
Evening Tours (Public)  
Friday Nights Only:  
8pm - 12pm $25.00
* Check our Event Calendar for scheduled dates.
* Check our Evening Tours page for additional information.
* Must be 16 or older. 
* Guests under 16 must be approved prior
to the night of the tour.

Museum Hours

Monday - Thursday 10 - 4pm
Saturday 10 - 4pm
Sunday 1 - 4pm
All Major Holidays
(i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter)

The Museum building, a National Historic Landmark, is not handicap accessible, and takes approximately 1+ hours to explore the three levels of exhibitions.

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