About Historic Gordonsville

Historic Gordonsville, Inc. is organized to restore and preserve the Exchange Hotel and its role in American History.

Before the Civil War, the Exchange Hotel with its high ceiling parlors and grand veranda welcomed passengers from the two rail lines: the Virginia Central Railroad and the Alexandria Railroad.

After the war began, the railroads were used by the Confederate Army as a supply route for transporting troops, stocks, and the wounded to Gordonsville where the Exchange Hotel became a battlefield receiving hospital.

By the end of the war, the Gordonsville Receiving Hospital provided care for 70,000 soldiers, both Confederate and Union.

During reconstruction period, Gordonsville Receiving Hospital served the newly freed slaves as a Freedman’s Bureau. As the United States healed and the railroads boomed, this elegant building returned to its role of the hotel.

In 1971, Historic Gordonsville, Inc. acquired and restored the property. Two years later, on August 14th, 1973, the Exchange Hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places for its role in the Civil War and its architectural significance.
In June 2002, the Exchange Hotel was acknowledged as an African-American Memorial Site due to serving as a Freedman’s Bureau.

Board of Directors

Historic Gordonsville, Inc. Board of Directors comprises the following members:
Angel May – President

Employees and Volunteers

Historic Gordonsville, Inc. relies on volunteers to run events and activities, support our website, landscaping, and restoration projects. Historic Gordonsville requires employees in areas such as guest relations, gift shop cashier, management, historical research, office work and restoration projects. If you are interested in employment or volunteer opportunities, please visit our careers and volunteer pages to apply with an updated copy of your resume and a professional photo.


Donations are graciously accepted and appreciated. Historic Gordonsville, Inc. relies on the generous support of individuals, corporations, and foundations. HGI does not receive any funding directly from the county, city, state, or federal government. All donations are tax-deductible per federal and local laws governing public charities. If you would like to donate $10,000 or more, please send an email to Angel May at [email protected] or call us a 540.832.2944 during office hours.

Public Filings and Financial Information

Historic Gordonsville, Inc. complies with all laws governing 501(c)(3) exempt organizations including making available to the public certain annual returns and application filings with exempt status. We are working on making these available online. Until such time, you may request them in person, or we can mail copies will to you. Historic Gordonsville, Inc. will charge a small fee for copies and postage within IRS regulations.

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