9 Colour Combinations For Office Interior Design In Singapore

Are you tired of seeing your office with the same design and colour every day? If you are uncomfortable with your workplace, it might affect how you do your job. You have no motivation to do anything because you have been seeing the same things and feeling the same vibe for months or years. With this, consider undergoing commercial renovation in Singapore. It helps you and your employees have a change of working environment, making everyone productive and energetic when they go to work.


Before doing the interiors of your office, you must be aware of many things, and one is the colour combination you will have in your workplace. They might affect how you see your office, especially if you are always there. You must be comfortable with the colour because it might irritate you if you do not like the colours of the place. To give you an idea about colour combination options for your office interior design in Singapore, here is a list:



This colour combination is for you if you want to balance dark and light. It shows elegance to your workplace, especially if you put other colours like silver or gold. You can have this combination for your walls and floor, but it is better if you will also apply it to your furniture, especially the table and chair. If you need something for your lights, white is the best option. Do not miss this suggestion for commercial renovation.


People looking for a lighter version of black can have this option. White and grey are a good colour combination in your office if you want something simple. If you have it on your walls and floors, ensure to put other colours. For furniture, you may go for wooden designs. It balances white and grey, considering they are both light to the eyes.


If you want to give your office a touch of nature, green and white are the colours. Green gives some forest and mountain vibe, especially if you will apply the green that you will see on trees and grasses. White represents the clouds in the skies. You might want to put other elements in your office, like plants, to complete the look. You do not need to put a lot of it, but placing one in every corner will do. This colour combination is also for retail interior design in Singapore.


Another colour combination that can give you some nature vibes is white and blue. As mentioned, white is for the colours of the clouds. But blue gives you the beauty of a body of water. It may be the ocean or a river, depending on what you want to see with it. If you go for light blue, it might show the sky because of its shade. You may apply this colour to your walls and floors, but it is better to separate them. Put white on your walls and floor, then buy blue furniture.


If you want something elegant in your office but do not want to use the usual colour combinations, white and brown are what you can try. You may paint your walls light brown, then put on white furniture. You may also try exchanging them if you do not like white furnishings. People who are looking for other colours of nature can go for this. Like white and green, this combination of office interior design might make you feel like you are in a forest.



Make your office look jolly with this colour combination. You can paint your walls orange, then put on white furniture. But if you do not want these colours to be together in everything, you may use other colours like light brown and green. For green, you may use a plant or buy a carpet in this colour. Black furniture is also okay, but they are for office chairs only. Putting grey is alright, but use it correctly.


White and yellow might look unusual in an office, but they are a good combination for walls and furniture. However, use these colours depending on your business. If you are more into the art business, these colours are pleasing to the eyes. But if you are more into a professional setting, do not use this in your office. Apply this to workstations, game rooms, and pantry. These places must make you feel relaxed, so avoid using dark colours for office interior design.


Some business owners put white and red as the colour of their office because it looks simple yet sophisticated. You can have red on your walls, but it is better on furniture. You may have this colour in matte or glossy. To make the place unique, you may combine these two colours on your walls. Create a pattern that is not hurtful to the sight to balance lightness and darkness.


If you aim for a fairy-tale ambience in your workplace, white and gold are for you. It makes the place look light yet elegant to the eyes, especially if partnered with the correct colours like black and green. Putting a flower vase on your table adds life to your office and interior design.

These colour combinations all have white in them because it matches everything in your workplace. But if you do not want to see white in your office interior design, here are some suggestions you might want to consider:

  • Black and Gold
  • Black and Brown
  • Black and Grey
  • Orange and Light Brown
  • Yellow and Brown
  • Silver and Brown
  • Orange and Grey

These colour combinations can take you to places even if you are in the office. You will have different environments that could calm your mind and body. Before starting the renovation, ensure you want the colour you will have in your office. You will look at it for months or years, so do not have regrets in the beginning. If you want to learn more about reinstatement work in Singapore, visit the website of CAD Associates.