5 Fun Ways to Practise Speaking Korean in Singapore

If you’re interested in learning Korean, there are many Korean language schools and centres in Singapore that offer Korean language courses. However, it can be challenging to find opportunities to practise speaking the language outside of class. In this article, we’ll share five fun ways to practise and learn Korean.

Attend Korean Cultural Events

Singapore has a growing Korean community, and as a result, there are many Korean cultural events throughout the year. Attending these events is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Korean culture and practise your Korean speaking skills. The events range from food festivals to K-pop concerts, and you’re sure to find something that interests you.

Watch Korean Dramas and Movies

Korean dramas and movies are incredibly popular in Singapore, and there’s a good chance that you’ve watched a few yourself. Watching Korean content is an excellent way to improve your listening comprehension and pick up new vocabulary if you want to learn Korean. Additionally, practising repeating the dialogue out loud can help you improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

Use Language Learning Apps

In recent years, there has been a surge in language learning apps that incorporate speaking exercises into their lessons. Apps like Duolingo and Memrise provide daily lessons that include speaking exercises, allowing you to practise speaking Korean wherever and whenever you want. These apps also often have a social component, allowing you to connect with other language learners and practise speaking with them.

Join a Korean Language Exchange Group

Joining a Korean language exchange group is an excellent way to meet other Korean language learners and native speakers. These groups typically meet regularly to practise speaking Korean and can provide a fun and social environment to improve your language skills. You can find language exchange groups on social media or through Korean language centres.

Attend Korean Language Meetups

Similar to language exchange groups, Korean language meetups are a great way to meet other language learners and native speakers. These meetups typically take place in a social setting, such as a café or restaurant, and provide a relaxed environment to practise speaking Korean. You can find Korean language meetups on social media or through Korean language schools and centres.

There are many ways to practise speaking Korean in Singapore. Remember, consistent practice is the key to success, so make sure to find a method that you enjoy and stick with it. Visit ONLYOU for a Korean language centre in Singapore.