3 Ways to Avoid Problems during the Installation of Hardwood

Installing hardwood floors is a big job, and it’s worthwhile to do as much research beforehand as you can to make sure that the job goes smoothly. The following are four things to consider before installation of hardwood:

The first consideration is the age and type of the home

Older homes built before major innovations in flooring construction may have a problem with excessive moisture buildup. Excessive moisture could lead to warping and splitting of the wood flooring, so it is crucial to keep the humidity levels in your home as low as possible throughout the whole installation process.

Newer homes with newer flooring construction can have problems with the installation of flooring. If you are installing hardwood flooring on top of a previous wood or tile installation or installing a prefinished product, it is essential to check for moisture underneath the old flooring.

In addition, the home should be well ventilated to keep humidity levels low. This is especially important in areas where organic materials are used in construction, such as hardwood, carpet, and even furniture.

A second consideration is the size of the room

The flooring installer will need to select flooring that is the correct length and width for the room. The width is measured in feet, and the length is measured from the wall in the direction of tile installation. It is essential to pay attention to measurements for both space and safety.

To ensure that the flooring fits snugly into the room, it should be cut based on the actual dimensions of the space. Remember that flooring can be cut up to 1/8″ off of the exact measurement to ensure that it covers the whole area. If you are using a prefinished product, you will need to add an inch on each side of the room for trimming.

A third consideration is the type of materials used in the construction of the home

Hardwood floors require very high standards for installation. They cannot be installed on non-level or uneven surfaces, which can cause them to warp and become damaged. When installing hardwood floors, ensure that all of the old baseboards are removed and that the flooring is secured well with four-point locks!

In addition, make sure that the floor is correctly finished before installation. This means that if there are areas of the floor that have been worn down over time, they need to be repaired. If there are large lumps in the flooring or gaps under the room, these need to be filled and leveled.

All of these things are problems that you need to avoid when installing hardwood floors

Keep an eye out for all of these issues when installing hardwood floors. Hire a professional for installation who will know how to deal with all of these problems and avoid them.